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Saulwick Polls

A leading figure in the field of Australian political and social opinion polling, Irving Saulwick ran a succession of market research and consultancy companies from the 1960s to the 2000s. In the course of his career, Saulwick conducted a variety of polls for private and public sector bodies including the Age newspaper, State and Federal government agencies and community and corporate clients. A number of Saulwick polls are included in ADA holdings.


Age Poll

The Age Poll was launched by the Age newspaper on 24 March 1971 as an ongoing survey of Australian social and political trends. Poll questions were developed by Irving Saulwick in consultation with representatives from the Age newspaper and the Department of Political Science at the University of Melbourne.

The poll began as a quarterly exercise, later increasing to monthly. The frequency of the poll fluctuated throughout its lifespan, and special polls were regularly conducted in response to particular political events. The poll was discontinued for a period between September 1982 and July 1984.

Initially published under the banner of The Age-ASRB Poll and conducted by the Australian Sales Research Bureau, from 1975 the poll was administered by Irving Saulwick & Associates and identified simply as The Age Poll. In July 1987 it was rebadged as The Saulwick Age Poll. The poll was also published by sister newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald, first as The Herald Survey and later as The Sydney Morning Herald Saulwick Poll.

The Saulwick Age Poll ran as a regular survey in the Age until 1994. Occasional Saulwick Polls continued to be commissioned and published on a one-off basis by the newspaper after this date.


ADA holdings

The majority of ADA holdings are Age Polls, even where not explicitly described as such in the title; for example, the Saulwick AGB McNair Polls are Age Polls where AGB McNair was contracted to do the survey fieldwork and data processing. The exception to this is the series of employee sentiment surveys conducted for Job Futures, a network of community based not-for-profit employment and related services providers.

ADA holdings include:

Age Poll (1974 - 1981)

Saulwick Poll (1987 - 1991)

Saulwick AGB McNair Poll (1992 - 1994)

Saulwick Age Poll (1992 - 1994; 2000 - 2004)

JobFutures-Saulwick Employee Sentiment Survey (2001 - 2004).


Access conditions

All manuscripts based in whole or in part on these data should:

  1. Quote in full the exact wording of the question;
  2. Show the base for any percentage used;
  3. Quote the date when the data were collected;
  4. Acknowledge the source as Irving Saulwick and Associates;
  5. Acknowledge the Australian Data Archive and, where the data are made available through the Australian Data Archive by another archive, acknowledge that archive;
  6. Declare that those who carried out the original analysis and collection of the data bear no responsibility for the further analysis or interpretation of them.

Copyright in all data is held by the University of Melbourne.

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